Our design service

The complete construction service

From concept to completion

We listen to your ideas and help you realise them though our experience and knowledge. Whatever you want for your home, we can find the best way to build it. The design starts with you, at the beginning and this approach does away with delays and misunderstandings inherent in the traditional method of engaging architects and engineers separately.
Visualising your dreams

We can produce 3D models and fly-throughs for you. These show you how the project can look at different times of the day and year, and how your decor and fitments are affected by your lighting choices and how it will look at life size.
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The traditional method goes from you to the builder, to the architect, to the engineer, then back to you, before going for planning and building regulations. Through our 60 years experience in the industry we know how take care of all these processes without hiccups, giving you one point of contact throughout. We are able to alter and adapt the design easily, right up to the point of construction.

This graphic below shows a comparison between methods.
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This method is much more flexible, quicker and cheaper too. Why should the homeowner have to become expert in several different fields, or pay through the nose for experts? We feel the hands that do the building can guide you best - and free of charge too.
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