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The complete construction service

Building homes and home improvements is not something most of us do often, mostly it is a once in a lifetime decision, yet it is one that we take alone, and with little expert knowledge of how much (or how little) it can cost. How can we be expected to know the cost of Builders? Architects? Engineers? Planning applications? Building Regulations?

At Leo Design & Construction we do exactly that - we assist you from the design stage through to completion. We do the initial feasibility survey, costs projection and drawings in-house, at no cost to you, and once you are confident in your design, we will offer you a formal estimate and if you are happy with this - and we think you will be - we then take on all the mundane and hard to fathom tasks for you, keeping you updated every step of the way, leaving you in charge of the decisions.

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In this way we get rid of multiple Architects and Engineers site visit fees, and only use external professionals where required. We do a lot of business with local experts at trade rates that are significantly cheaper than those available to the public, we do not add any fee to these rates - our rate is what you pay, and then only if you need their services. This step alone saves thousands of pounds on the average project.

By reducing the number of consultations we reduce the amount of time it takes from concept to completion. When taking on the task of turning your dreams into reality, we use our own corps of expert and experienced artisans - Bricklayers, Carpenters, Plumbers and Electricians. All other labour is subcontracted on a job-by-job basis. We do not carry high overheads which would otherwise be passed on to the customer.
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We use the latest building methods and the most durable, cost efficient, energy efficient and environmentally sound materials and methods. Your dreams deserve to last and work beautifully for you to live in.
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